Welcome to the romantic art of Linda Coulter.  These art works are hand painted with tender love and care

to embrace the beauty of nature, color and sunlight.

Painting Magazines

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Painting Magazines


Linda Coulter received an invitation from Japan to be a feature cover artist to teach a painting workshop in Japan through the venue of their official Japanese painting magazine.   Shown here is the cover of that magazine.

She accepted their warmhearted invitation and contracted with them to produce the workshop materials they requested.  





They publish only 3 issues of the official magazine each year and Linda Coulter is featured artist in the Spring Issue, 2009. 

Here is the centerfold of that magazine where her art project was taught to Japanese readers.




PaintWorks Magazine  June, 2008 



Linda Coulter was featured in the PaintWorks Magazine with her beautiful project named Jardin des Couleurs (Garden of Colors).





PaintWorks Magazine ... February, 2008 


Linda Coulter was featured in the PaintWorks Magazine with her beautiful design of this English thatched cottage in winter. 

The scene portrays a heartwarming invitation to the English countryside.





The Decorative Painter ...  December, 2007


This international magazine is the exclusive publication of the Society of Decorative Painters worldwide. 

 Linda Coulter was featured in the December, 2007, issue with her beautiful winter project, called "After the Sleigh Ride". 




PaintWorks Magazine, May 2002  

PaintWorks Magazine contracted Linda again to write another story,

this time featuring Linda's grisaille art style.  The feature story was entitled, 

"Colorless Paintings -The Grisaille Secret." 

When the story appeared in the May issue of  2002,

 it was very well received throughout the marketplace, and that issue completely sold out. 



PaintWorks Magazine, January 2002

In 2001, PaintWorks Magazine contracted Linda to design a collection of works

and written instructions for a featured article,

"Coordinating with Fabrics - Decorate Your Home with French Country Accents". 

This was published in the January issue of 2002. 



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