Welcome to the romantic art of Linda Coulter.  These art works are hand painted with tender love and care

to embrace the beauty of nature, color and sunlight.

Red Sleighs

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Red Sleighs by Linda L Coulter


This original painting by Linda L Coulter was published in the international Decorative Painter magazine several years ago under the title "After the Sleigh Ride".

This is a painting of an old fashioned New England sleigh that Linda Coulter found in New Hampshire along the Currier & Ives Trail during one of her art seminar teaching trips. The sleigh was very old and being used to decorate the owner's front lawn.  Linda photographed this dear old sleigh from all angles so she could paint a reasonably accurate rendition of this authentic sleigh in a winter farm scene.

She first painted the entire scene in grisaille (gray tones), and then added pure color glazes to complete the full color art work.


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Just for fun, we'll pretend that this dear old sleigh has just been used to deliver the family

to a church potluck and has just returned.

Many years ago, Linda's father rode with his parents and little sister in a sleigh similar to this one. In the winter they all bundled up in their coats, hats, mittens and boots venture out into the cold on their way to church potlucks, or to go shopping in town, or just down the road to friends' house for a Saturday evening of fun and merriment.

Grandpa loved the sound of his big brass sleigh bells as the horse pulled the sleigh through the snow. That happy little sound stayed in his heart for many years after the old sleigh had been retired.

Dad used to tell Linda that a heavy wool blanket was kept in the sleigh so the children could snuggle up together during the sleigh rides. And their dog sometimes went along, too. He was a great little bundle of warmth as he curled up between the children's feet on the floor of the sleigh.

We hope you enjoy viewing Linda Coulter's original painting on our website. It was certainly a labor of love for Linda to create this nostalgic winter sleigh scene.  Linda sells instruction for painting her Red Sleigh.  If you are interested in this project, visit www.grisaille.com/shop and see what is available today.

Linda has painted more original paintings of red sleighs, and sells instruction for these projects, too!




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