Welcome to the romantic art of Linda Coulter.  These art works are hand painted with tender love and care

to embrace the beauty of nature, color and sunlight.

Art Getaways

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Weekend Art Getaways through the years.

Linda Coulter, International Art Teacher




Linda Coulter has become nationally known for her Weekend Art Getaways.  Fun, fellowship and creativity are superbly blended into one fascinating experience as you learn the magic of Linda Coulter's easy painting techniques and masterful control of color & light.



Wine and Roses French Art Getaway 


Australian art teachers Chris Roy and Kerri Kovak came from Kentlyn Studio in Australia to attend this weekend art workshop and study under Linda Coulter.  Hawaiian artist, Eileen Lacerte, and Dr. Melody Mordock from New York were very excited to learn Linda's grisaille and color glazing techniques for portrait and figure painting. Painters from South Carolina and other locations were also in attendance at this weekend art getaway.

The male model shown in front posed for the featured art project, entitled "Wine and Roses".  Luncheons featured French cuisine and students sipped French wines and sampled French chocolates and French pastries during break time.




 Montreal Weekend Art Getaway in Quebec


This group of ladies shown above met at Point Claire, Quebec, Canada, for an art seminar weekend to study and train under Linda Coulter.  Several ladies in attendance are Canadian and US art teachers who came to learn Coulter's grisaille and pure color glazing art style in preparation for teaching it in their own local areas.




Victorian Art Getaway at historic mansion in Rhode Island


This class gathered at Edgewood Manor, in Cranston, Rhode Island,  for a luxurious weekend art getaway with Linda Coulter. Class was held in the sun room of the historic home.

Students trained for teacher certification in the Coulter Grisaille Art Style.




Las Vegas International Art Getaway

These Korean artists attended a Coulter Art Seminar at Las Vegas to learn Linda's art of floral painting.

Some students did not speak English but they were adept at keeping up in class and communicated through sign language.  Excellent painters!

Shown at left are two ladies from Nottingham, England, who enjoyed learning Linda Coulter's art style. After the seminar, they invited Linda to come teach at the edge of Sherwood Forest where their art shop is located.

Students have a joyous time at Linda Coulter's weekend art getaways and enjoy learning the grisaille and color glazing techniques that Linda has become famous for.




Escape to the Sea!

Weekend Art Getaway at Hampton Beach, NH


These ladies attended Linda Coulter's weekend art getaways at Rhode Island and Hampton Beach, NH.

This couple love to paint. They have attended Linda Coulter's Weekend Art Getaways in New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Illinois.




Southern Plantation Art Getaways

This group of ladies came from Chicago (IL), St Myers and Orlando (Fl), New Brunswick and Ontario, Canada, and from several towns in Mississippi and Louisiana to study and learn from Linda Coulter at this southern plantation in Mississippi.

The group then toured several southern plantations and spent two days in the French Quarter of New Orleans taking photographs to paint from.


Linda Coulter's art seminar class toured

Oak Alley Plantation in Louisiana




Colonial Williamsburg Art Getaway

Weekend Art Getaway at Colonial Williamsburg.

This was a joyous weekend of art, photography, Colonial history and painting fun!  The student in the foreground has a sketch pad in one hand and camera in the other, which was typical that weekend. 

Students came from Illinois and several southern states to paint with and learn from Linda Coulter this week.





Tarpon Springs Art Getaway in Florida


Painters gathered from Mississippi, Texas, Alabama, New York, South Carolina and Florida to attend this very special weekend of painting fun with Linda Coulter at Tarpon Springs, a Greek fishing village along the Gulf Coast of Florida.  Linda taught several delightful projects that featured color and light.  




Escape to the Sea ... Art Getaways at Hampton Beach, New Hampshire


For several years, Linda taught Art Getaways every autumn and students came from across the nation to enjoy a weekend by the sea. 

Wherever Linda Coulter teaches, students gather to enjoy a relaxing weekend of painting, fun and fellowship. 





Linda Coulter has taught at these North American locations:

Windsor, California Marlborough, Massachusetts Tampa, Florida
Orange City, Florida Colonial Williamsburg, VA Addison, Texas
Nashville Tennessee Indianapolis, Indiana Reno, Nevada
South Bend, Indiana

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Albany, New York
Anaheim, California Charleston, South Carolina Valparaiso, Indiana
Halifax, Nova Scotia Fredericton, New Brunswick Peoria, Illinois
Albany, New York Providence, Rhode Island Columbus, Ohio
Commerce, Georgia Wallingford, Connecticut Toronto, Ontario
Las Vegas, Nevada Charlotte, North Carolina Des Moines, Iowa
Westerly, Rhode Island Poplarville, Mississippi Detroit, Michigan
Montreal, Quebec Hampton, New Hampshire Springfield, Ohio
Burlington, Ontario Brownsville, Indiana Salem, Oregon
Spring Hill, Florida Uncasville, Connecticut Rantoul, Illinois
Bogalusa, Louisiana Coventry, Rhode Island Buffalo, New York
Michigan City, Indiana Bloomington, Illinois Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Birmingham, Alabama Louisville, Kentucky Clearwater, Florida
Loma, Colorado Canandaigua, New York Chicago, Illinois
Wells, Maine Crawfordsville, Indiana Ellington, Connecticut
Buffalo, New York Tarpon Springs, Florida Nashville, Tennessee




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